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A contemporary two act, dark farce about a voracious, hi-tech, multinational corporation called G.E.T.G.O. (an acronym that changes meaning often) and a painter EVE SAWYER (the protagonist and the the pseudonymous author of The Gleam) who comes to protest its destructive activities and gets trapped inside the labyrinth. The entire play takes place in corporate headquarters where G.E.T.G.O.'s first annual art exhibit is being held. When the audience enters the lobby, they enter G.E.T.G.O.'s game and when they leave, the world will never seem quite the same again. Like EVE, they discover they can’t get out. The play is based on a real incident.
3 MEN, 2 WOMEN. SET is done with projections.

Tony Walton directed play readings at New Dramatists, Irish Repertory Theatre and Williamstown Theater,and the John Drew Theater at Guild Hall, East Hampton, N.Y.. The play was selected as one of 3 plays staged at the Telluride Playwrights Festival (chosen of 250 submissions)